Survived 2016.

2 more days to year end.

2016 isn’t best year, too much for this year. War, death, separation, fear, losing, broken heart, heart aches. Therefore a few of marriage & relationship started.

Rather complaining, why don’t we just take a moment, give ourself silence a bit from the crowded world, count the blessing and grateful.

If you have a chance, do the calculation & graph, are we moving up so far? If it yes, then we are on the good track and everything is worth it. If it’s not, time to revisit the plan.

This morning I generated my “best of 2016 on Instagram”, turns out the highlight was runs and going places . Meaning I still have the most precious thing in this life: health. I couldn’t thank enough for that. Alhamdulillah.

We survived 2016. I get the feeling we will have brighter 2017, it just around the corner. Let’s cherish with love, laughter and happy heart. Keep healthy & happy, everyone.

Whenever you feeling lucky, your Mom’s pray answered.



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