3 days life lessons.

3 hari ini rasanya kayak abis S3 sekolah kehidupan. Kayak 3 hari shooting nggak tidur-tidur langsung offline-grading-online-full mixing-release. Packed. Hahaha.

And I wanna share you some of big lessons I learnt.

Death has no timeline, no schedule. No matter how hard you pray, when it knock your door, we have to depart. All we can do is better preparation to the next life while we have time.

Health is our relationship with our body. Make sure the relationship is also healthy. Learn to listen to our own body, it’s our only vehicle to live.

Good people always have good place in anyone’s heart, even when we don’t know each other. Good energy spreads and multiplies. Being kind is not an easy job in this rough world, but always try to be kind also never hurt.

Never under estimate the power of prays from others for you. Bisa jadi itu adalah pembuka jalan yang lebih besar daripada doa kita sendiri. Keep sending prayer for ones we loved, kita nggak pernah tahu doa siapa yang dijawab, tapi kita pasti tahu doa yang mana yang di jawab.

“She’s my universe”.
That’s my Dad always says referring to my Mom. Now I know clearly the real meaning of it. She might not the best woman in the world, but she complete him. This portrait of life also I saw in my very best friend parents. When we face tough decision to choose one among best two, choose one who brings you to become a complete version of you. Sometimes we tend to be a hero for someone, while life deal is “only” requires you to be with someone who are simply complete you.

Breaking up and letting go is never easy. Mau  yang di ambil manusia, bahkan diambil Tuhan, will never easy. Never let go people who are stays with you at your worst. They are GOD send.

Everything has an expired date but kindness stays forever, even when we expired from life.

Jangan pernah lelah berusaha jadi orang baik, that’s the only currency to buy one way ticket to heaven 🙂




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