New chapter.

This is the second post at my new home and it might surprise you -my friends- to  letting you know that I decided to move on from the company I’ve been work with in past 10 months. Press release di blog, secara anak millennial kan. Hahaha.

Kenapa resign?

“Work load? gaji kurang?”
“E-Commerce kan salah satu source of growth dan industry kekinian?”
“Elo kan anaknya digital banget, e-commerce udah tempat yang paling pas buat lo”

Jadi begini, the more you get older, the more you know where your heart wants to go, so I keep wandering. Sama dengan hati, dia akan berlabuh di tempat yang tepat. *eaaaa eaaaa moment* hahahaha.

Kemana abis ini? Menikmati free time dulu sebentar boleh dong, 16 tahun bekerja nggak berhenti-henti, onderdil mulai berumur, perlu break. Hihihi.

Quoting statement from a good friend of mine about my next step:

To get better boyfriend, Let go of your old one dulu biar ada yang berani daftar.  And the stars are aligned, and they’re pointing to you.

Manis ya?


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